St. Bridget's Churchyard - Garden of Remembrance

For a number of years the Church Council has considered the future of our churchyard. There is a limited number of spaces for new burials and before long all the available space will be used up. In order to provide long term for our community to have a place to lay their loved ones to rest we have decided to create a Garden of Remembrance. This will be solely for the interment (burial) of ashes.
The design has yet to be finalised but the Garden will most likely consist of a lawned area, bordered by a paved walkway and enclosed by a low wall. Ashes will be interred in the lawned area (not scattered). We are still discussing the best way to provide a lasting memorial for those interred in the Garden, perhaps in the form of a Book of Remembrance in the Church or on a simple plaque adjacent to the Garden.

If you would like to contribute towards this work please use the contacts page to get in touch.