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JUNE 2019

Dear Friends,

It was such a joy to share such an amazing verse with us all recently. It was from Isaiah 43v1 where God assures the hearts of his people with the words: “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are mine.” 

The words came just after Liverpool had won the Champions League. The name of their club etched into the trophy, the names of their players sung from the terraces, the name of their manager inscribed in football’s hall of fame. 

I suspect our names have never received such honour or dignity. Maybe for some of us our names have been given the opposite treatment before. But the wonderful truth of Isaiah 43 is that our names are sung in heaven. God himself calls out our names with the joy and delight of someone calling a child to run into their arms.  

The reason Liverpool’s name was so hallowed recently was because of their success, triumph, achievement. But the wonderful news of the gospel is that our names aren’t on God’s lips because of any merit, religious act or work of ours, but because of the free love of the God and the merit of his son Jesus alone. 

This month, no matter what we have or haven’t done, no matter how low others might have treated our name, would we find comfort in the staggering thought, that God calls us by name. And would we respond.

Yours in Christ,





10:45am Holy Communion St. Bridget's           
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10:45am Morning Prayer St. Bridget's
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10th Standing Committee, 7:30pm, The Rectory


Every Tuesday Moresby Sparks, 10:00am - 11:30am, St. Mark's Village Church

Every Tuesday Moresby Bell Ringers practice night, 7:00pm, St. Bridget's


Every Wednesday – Holy Communion, 9:30am, St. Bridget’s.  Please check announcements in church or on Facebook for any changes

26th Moresby WI, 7:00pm, Church Hall. Open Meeting, Surnames and Heraldry; Presented by Mr. Chris Reay. Competition – compose a motto for your family


House Groups, 7:30pm. Please see Paul, Martin, Anne or Jim if you are interested in joining a group. 

6th A Time for Everyone, Noon – 1:30pm, St. Mark's Village Church (feel free to invite friends or family)


Friday Friends, 10:30am – Noon, Church Hall

Ignite Youth Group, 7:00pm – 9:30pm, St. Andrew's




Join us for Afternoon Tea for Ladies, with pampering activities; Saturday 22nd June, 3:00pm, at St Mark’s, Moresby Parks. Offers of cakes and scones would be very welcome. For more information, please see Anne Denwood.

The Social Committee members are Jim Barwise, Ruth Barwise, Anne Denwood, Anne Grierson, Pauline Morphew, and Barbara Southwell.

Our aim is to try and organise a variety of events each month to encourage fellowship not just amongst our church family, but also for outreach into the wider community.

We need your help and support. Please come along and support our events.  We would welcome any suggestions. 



Thursday, 6th June, 12:00 noon - 1:30pm

This once monthly get together is for all ages. Why not come along this month and enjoy a tasty bowl of soup followed by a choice of puddings. If you are able to provide a pudding or cake, please see Julie, or add your name to the sheet at the back of church. We next meet on Thursday 4th July.


LENT 2019

Thank you to everyone who gave towards the annual appeal for RELEASE INTERNATIONAL who do valuable work to help persecuted Christians around the world.



In 2022, the present church building will be 200 years old. We would like to make this a real time of celebration and aim to host a variety of events throughout that year at St Bridget’s. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please see Jim. It’s never too early to start planning!



Do you have an email address?  Would you like to have regular updates about what is happening in the Parish? If you’re happy to give your email address to Paul or Ruth, they will add you to the Church Group, and that way hopefully you won’t miss out!



If you would like to have a dedication in one of our new pew bibles please see Ruth. Recently we have had dedications for a baptism and a Ruby Wedding Anniversary. If you have someone special in mind or something special coming up then maybe this is something to consider.



9TH JUNE   Mrs. J. Wildgoose  
16TH JUNE   Mrs. V. Spedding 
23RD JUNE  Mr. H. Hartley 
7TH JULY  Mrs. M. Johnston

Thank you to those who give so generously so that the church can be decorated throughout the year. If this is something you would like to contribute towards, please see Hazel.



Weddings: Congratulations to Martin and Laura Hutton of Harrington, and to Wayne and Zoe Johnston of Lowca  

Funerals: Our sympathies to the family and friends of Joe Connery of Mirehouse – a key church member there and regular visitor to St. Bridget's



 Priest In Charge 

 Rev'd Paul Kerry
(Day off Saturday) 
 Churchwardens  Dorothy Bragg  694102   
   Jim Barwise  61686
 Local Lay Minister (pastoral)   Anne Denwood  63809
 Retired Clergy  Martin Brion  691912  
 Verger  Rhoda Doran  63948  
 Finance Team  Alistair Norwood, Treasurer   591267
   Bridget Norwood  "  "
 Church Hall Inquiries  Dennis Billington  61056  
 Tower Captain  Chris De Cordova  62986 

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Who are you and what family do you have?

I’m Ruth Barwise and I’m married to Jim. We have three sons – James (28), David (25) and Michael (22). They live in Cambridge, London and Kendal and we are looking forward to having them all back home for Christmas and New Year.

How long have you been coming to St Bridget’s?

35+ years: we moved to Lowca in July 1983 following our wedding at Isel near Cockermouth. We were not regulars then but often came to the evening service when Walter Wade was the vicar. We also attended services at Isel and at St Andrew’s, Mirehouse which was Jim’s home church.

Why do you come to St Bridget’s?

At first it was because it was our “local”. But when James became Sunday School age we decided to attend regularly. That was during Guy Thorburn’s time and we enjoyed the worship and the friendliness of the people there. It has become a second home to us now and we love the supportiveness of being part of a church family. Our boys have had so many “grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins” and friends through us being members of the church here. 

How long have you been a Christian?

Growing up in Ennerdale the church was central to village life. I attended Sunday School and later helped teach other children. I sang in the choir and even helped clean the church! I was a Christian. When we moved to Dovenby I attended the nearest church which was at Bridekirk but when I was 17 we moved to Cockermouth and so began a falling away from going to church altogether. When I went to University in Liverpool I definitely didn’t have anything to do with the chapel or God it seemed! But three years into my four year course my dad died quite unexpectedly at the age of 56. That was a watershed moment and saw me gradually turn back to God. I attended Isel church regularly. But I didn’t become a true Christian until I opened my heart up to Jesus. That was after a “Just Looking” course with Guy. That was probably 25 years ago and I’ve never looked back.

What does your faith mean to you?

It’s been so humbling to find out that God chose me before he ever made the world. My faith is my rock. There used to be times when I would wake in the night and panic thinking that death is the end. But now I know that it is only theend of this chapter of my life here on earth. I know I have something more amazing to look forward to. 

Who has been a big influence on you?

Jim, my best friend for 40+ years now; as we’ve journeyed through life together he has always helped me see the other side of situations and how as a Christian we should approach whatever life puts in front of us. His deep faith and the way he responds to people has and continues to be such a big influence in my life.  

What is your favourite hymn and why?

I love to sing with other people and that is a favourite part of my worship time at St Bridget’s. I have hymns that remind me of different times in my life. I think the last hymn of any service should be an uplifting one that you sing for the rest of the day. A definite favourite would be “Jesus shall take the highest honour”.

What is your favourite book / verse of the Bible?

Again so much to choose from; another watershed moment in my life was giving birth to our sons. When you hold that little miracle in your arms you ponder on what is and will be. So whenever I hear Luke 2:19 “Mary treasured all these things and pondered them in her heart” I really feel an empathy with Mary from one mother to another. We all store up things in our hearts which we ponder over; and you don’t necessarily have to be a mother.

What does Heaven look like to you?

It is a place full of joy and happiness where I will see Jesus face to face.

Do you have an amusing story connected to St. Bridget's?

When our boys were going through Sunday school they took part in some cracking plays. We always had one on Christmas Eve and one in July. They went through church with a great group of children including Lucy, Michael, Amelia, Joe, Jessica, Hannah, Laura, James, Ruth, Jack, Grace ….. and a whole lot of others! It got that they began to write their own plays. One summer they came up with “Priscilla and Aquilla’s tent making boutique”. The church was transformed with the choir stalls packed with popup tents. What the congregation didn’t realise was that David was hiding in the pulpit dressed as a vicar. At the appropriate moment in the play the vicar had to appear to Priscilla and Aquilla. So up popped David who caused quite a stir – it made people jump and it took a long time for the laughter to die down! It was talked about for a long long time after that!

What would you change about St Bridget’s if you could?

Nothing! St Bridget’s keeps changing and responding in a positive way to meet new challenges and situations. I love the people here who have enriched my life far beyond words can express. Couldn’t imagine life without you all!s


Why not try responding to these questions yourself and if this is something that you feel you could share with others then please see Ruth. She will be more than happy to include it in a future diary.




Reg Charity No 1067541

We have a collection box in the foyer at the back of church. 

Appeal Items - 

Tinned Fruit

Long Grain Rice



Fruit Juice (1 Ltr UHT)

Tinned Tomatoes

Shopping List 2019:

No Low Calorie Foods please.

No Sachets of 'Pasta and Sauce' mixes, please.

Fruit Juice (1 ltr carton UHT)

Tomatoes (400g tinned/carton)

Tinned Fruit (400g)

Tinned Vegetables (400g)

Tinned Meat (400g)

Tinned Fish (100g)

Rice Pudding (400g tinned)

Cereal (Medium, 500g ONLY)

Pasta Sauces (jars or sachets)

Pasta (medium bags 500g of dried pasta)

Milk (Full fat or Semi-skimmed, UHT ONLY)

Sponge Pudding (400g tinned)

Biscuits, Snack Bars, Chocolate


Jam (not homemade)

Tinned Beans (400g)

Tinned Soups (400g)

Instant Mash Potato (1pkt)

Due to storage, distribution and health considerations unfortunately the Northlakes Foodbank cannot use: Perishable or fresh food (e.g. meat, cheese, dairy, bakery etc.), Damaged tins or packages, Food outside of its use-by date.

The foodbank is designed to help individuals and families in crisis, through the provision of emergency food supplies. Local professional care-workers within Allerdale and Copeland refer them, with a food voucher, to the foodbank centre where they are given their food supplies, a cup of coffee and help in finding other professionals who can help them out of their crisis. In rural areas they are given Emergency Food Boxes direct by the local care-workers.

• The foodbank allows the general public to contribute to and support local well-being in a simple practical way. Emergency Food Supplies are a short-term measure allowing a breathing space at times of great need. For further details of the work of the foodbank and how you can be involved contact:


Tel: 0750 2311 452