St. Mark's Village Church Moresby Parks


3:00pm Methodist Service 
3:00pm Marks in the Parks  
16TH JUNE   No Service
23RD JUNE 3:00pm Marks in the Parks
30TH JUNE   No Service
7TH JULY 3:00pm Methodist Service


Every Tuesday, Moresby Sparks, 10:00am – 11:30am

Thursday, 6th June, A Time For Everyone, 12:00 Noon – 1:30pm, all are welcome! 


It is worth remembering that Baptisms can be held in St Mark’s, so please remind anyone in the village who might be planning such an occasion. 

St Mark's can be made available as a venue for meetings, and our social committee are looking at using it as a base for future social events.

The village school at Moresby Parks is keen to continue to use the church for Harvest and Christmas services.

Suggestions as to how we can raise the profile of this little church in the heart of the community are always appreciated. 



At a recent PCC meeting, we voted unanimously to look to take out a license for the St. Mark’s building to give us freedom to establish ministry and mission from there. We are in the process of printing cards that will be delivered door to door in the village to raise awareness of the work and let people know about the forthcoming survey. We have also set up a Facebook page where we have given people from the village the chance to comment on what they would like to see run from the building as community projects. This will all feed into our PCC prayer and planning morning on Sept. 3rd where we will make concrete plans for the village. We are seeking to do all of this in the strength that God supplies and in the hope that many will hear of the Lord Jesus and put their trust in him.


Following a meeting held on 18th May, it was agreed that with our support, the church would remain open for the remainder of 2015. There will be one service on the first Sunday of each month. The pattern will be that we will alternate leading the services with the Methodists. These 2.30pm services will replace the evening service at St Bridget’s for those Sundays. Do check our Current Programme and Monthly Newsletter for up to date information about our services.

As we approach the end of the year, we thought it might be useful for you to know where we are with the development of St Mark’s within our Ecumenical Agreement. 

A year ago there had been a strong possibility that the little village church at Moresby Parks might close. The number of Methodists worshipping there regularly had dropped to single figures. St Bridget’s had signed an ecumenical agreement to work more closely together with the Methodists.  During the vacancy, we had become blinkered and preoccupied with our own church and had taken our eye off what was happening at St Mark’s. During a meeting of the church council at St Mark’s a number of St Bridget’s members attended. They agreed to help out our friends at Moresby Parks to keep the church open for worship and outreach into the community. Since then there has been much to thank God for ….

  • Monthly services take place on the first Sunday of each month at 2.30pm with the Anglicans and Methodists alternating the leading of these services. The style has varied from communion to evening worship, from services in the round to café church style. And each service has been much appreciated and has always ended with a time for fellowship over a cup of coffee. Attendance has always been in excess of 20.
  • Social activities have been promoted and so far we have had cream teas, Pie and Pea suppers with guest speakers, an Easter craft event and a refreshment stop after the parish boundary walk. The recent Pie, Peas and Poetry event raised £317.
  • The grounds have been tidied up and cut back to enable the church to be more visible with the addition recently of some security lighting which is especially important during the longer darker winter evenings.

Thank you to everyone who has come along to support the services at St Mark’s and those who have attended the social activities which has provided a valuable source of income.

Thank you to those who have led and assisted in the smooth running of the services. And to those who have quietly got on and done things like cleaning, catering and sorting out both inside and out.

But thank you most of all for your prayers; they have been heard and the results are there for all to be see. In faith we look forward to 2016.


In March 2011 St. Bridget's (C of E) and St. Mark's (Methodist) signed a declaration of intent to work more closely together in Moresby Parks. Our Sunday morning services bring together Christians of many demoninations. St. Mark's is now known as the 'Village Church', signalling our desire to offer a warm welcome to all. Services are shared by leaders within the Methodist circuit and Church of England parish. 

St. Mark’s Methodist Church Moresby Parks
The Parish of Moresby
In obedience to the call of Christ, we, the ministers and people of St. Mark’s Methodist Church Moresby Parks and St. Bridget’s Mission Church Moresby Parks, having increasingly shared our Christian life in a variety of ways over recent months, now feel a need to show our love for God and for one another by entering in to a more formal commitment to grow together in doing His will.
We confess our Faith in One God,
            the Father, Creator,
            the Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour,
            the Holy Spirit, guiding His Church, the Body of Christ, into all truth.
We repent of all that is sinful in our past histories and present attitudes.
We rejoice in the riches of the traditions we have inherited and seek to share them more fully with one another in unity, which is the will and gift of God.
We seek a deepening of our communion with Christ and with one another.
We covenant to seek visible unity through our shared worship at St. Mark’s Church and through our use of St. Mark’s Church as a centre for mission and ministry for Moresby Parks. 
We pray for God’s guidance in our pilgrimage together and for wisdom to discern the form our partnership in the Gospel will eventually take.
We therefore make this commitment to God and to each other.
We commit ourselves and our churches -

a.   To move through co-operation to clear commitment to each other, in search of the unity for which Christ prayed. In furtherance thereof to seek the will of God for our respective congregations in regard to joint work.

b.   To engage in joint worship, prayer and study so that we may know and value each other and seek God's will for His people.

c.   To work together in pastoral, social and evangelistic outreach into our community.

d.   To publicise and promote our Church life and worship by joint means wherever possible.
e.   To develop a Shared Church Council/Committee for regular prayer, study, consultation and
       appropriate action.
f.    To co-ordinate decision-making and use of our combined resources through the Shared Church
g.   To ensure that each ordained or lay appointment to the Shared Church Council/Committee
       although made by the appropriate denomination is made with such consultation with the Shared
      Church Council/Committee, as is reasonably practical in accordance with denominational
h.   To review progress every six months, to express our achievements and aspirations in united acts of worship.
i.    To mark the anniversary of the signing of this covenant and rededicate ourselves annually.