Weddings at St. Bridget's Church

It’s great that you want to be married at St. Bridget’s. Congratulations! We are here to make sure you get the most out of your special day and to help you grow a strong, fulfilling and lasting marriage.

How do I arrange a wedding at St. Bridget’s?

First read this – it tells you what you will need to do.

Step 1: come along to a service at St. Bridget’s (10.45am or 6.30pm). There you can meet with the vicar and begin the process of arranging a wedding.

Step 2: once a date has been agreed, you can fill in the marriage banns application form (available from church) which gives us the details we need. You then return the form to the vicar at church (or the church office during our interregnum). You can pay a deposit (usually £50) for the wedding, pay in instalments, or make a one off payment.

Step 3: if one or both of you live outside St. Bridget’s parish you will also need to fill in a banns application form and give it to the vicar of your parish(es) of residence. When the banns have been read in your parish(es) of residence the vicar will give you a letter or certificate. This needs to be returned to the vicar at St. Bridget’s.

Step 4: you will need to think about some of the practical arrangements for the wedding day:

What music will you have at the beginning and end of the service?

What hymns would you like?

How many bridesmaids and ushers will you have?

Would you like any special music played during the signing of the register?

Which two family members or friends will sign the register as witnesses?

What kind of flowers would you like?

Step 5: the vicar will arrange a meeting with you to discuss your plans for the wedding.

Step 6: if you are having an order of service printed please let the vicar see a draft copy of it before printing them. An outline of the service can be provided.

Step 7: there will usually be a marriage preparation event in April/May. This is usually held on a Saturday morning and brings together all the couples to married at St. Bridget’s in the coming year. It is a good way for you and your fiancée to think through some of the big questions about marriage.

Step 8: we will arrange a rehearsal, usually on the Thursday evening before the wedding. It is helpful to have bridesmaids, ushers, best man etc. at the rehearsal.

Step 9: the bride arrives at the church on time and everyone has a fantastic day!

So what is marriage about?

The bible begins with God revealing his plan for creation and for us. The book of Genesis tells us that men and women are created in the ‘image of God’ – that is we share a special bond with God and are in some sense like him. Very soon it becomes clear that man and woman belong together – they are to be united in marriage. This is part of God’s good plan for us and his world. Man and woman are designed emotionally, spiritually and physically to be together, for their own good and to fulfil the good purpose that God has set down for creation. Marriage is a constant theme throughout the bible. God describes himself as a loving husband towards his people Israel – the people of God in the Old Testament. In the New Testament Jesus is described as the loving husband of the Church. He sets the standard of love and faithfulness that is to be aimed at in marriage.

The bible includes an entire book, Song of Songs, dedicated to the joy and beauty of romantic love and sex, and contains lots of practical advice to husbands and wives. Our understanding of lifelong, faithful, loving marriage comes directly from the bible. Marriage has always been the bedrock of stable family life, the nurture of children and flourishing communities. As well as offering practical help and insights the bible tells us that the best marriages have a spiritual dimension – with Jesus at the centre. He helps us avoid the ‘self-centred’ approach to marriage.



Flowers: You can choose any florist to do your wedding flowers. The florist will have to arrange a time with the vicar to come into church in advance of the wedding. We usually have flowers in church ready for Sunday and our flower arranging team can match up the colours for Sunday to blend in with your displays. Our flower team can also provide (for a modest fee) arrangements for your wedding. Please speak to Mrs Hazel Brion 01946 691912.

Music: Music is a really important part of the wedding day. There are lots of resources online which can help you choose wedding music. Feel free to contact our organist (Peter Argyle 01946 825441) or the vicar, churchwarden, or church office for advice. You can also ask family and friends. We have CD player and sound system if you would like to play recorded music.